If You Want To Change Politics, You Must Hold Politicians Responsible – Remember: 4 Examples

How often have you complained, or heard, someone else, complain, about their elected officials, and, the fact, they don’t seem, to, either, listen, or pay sufficient attention, to your needs, and concerns? Perhaps more than any time, in recent history, we have witnessed, an apparent, abuse of power and authority, where many issues, have been introduced by those, holding elected office, which have appeared, to being self – serving, or, driven by their personal agenda, rather than, the best interests of our nation’s citizens. However, it is impossible, to, merely talk about it, and blame/ complain. Rather, if you want to change politics, for the better, every citizen must take his responsibility seriously, and stop, being, either apathetic, or less than, thoroughly, informed, and must hold representatives responsible, for their actions, and accountable, at the polling booth! This article, therefore, will examine, and discuss, briefly, 4 recent examples, from this past year.

1. Health Care: Few would argue, whether supporters, or adversaries, the Affordable Care Act, was flawed, and needed modifying! However, after 7 years of screaming for, Repeal and Replace, the majority party, in both houses of Congress, as well as the Executive Branch, still, had no, viable plan, to produce something better. While President Trump, consistently, seems to enjoy, blaming others, and complaining (rather than ever taking personal responsibility), the proposed legislation, was not an improvement! Improving, would have meant, making it better, in terms of pricing, coverage, and health care! Rather, these proposals, would have left,tens of millions, without coverage, while eliminating the unpopular Single Mandate, would have made all other coverage, more expensive, by taking the healthiest individuals, off the insurance pool! When this failed, rather than seeking a bipartisan solution, these Republicans, have included the elimination of the mandate, into the recently introduced, so – called, tax reform legislation, in an attempt to eliminate some federal expenses, unfortunately, at the expense of many Americans!2. Tax reform: When Donald Trump, was a candidate, he articulated the populist message, of creating tax reform, which would produce, economic growth, more and better jobs, and lower taxes, for the middle class! Unfortunately, like much other rhetoric and empty promises, the legislation, clearly helps the wealthiest, far more, and rather than tax reform, the proposals, which both houses have passed, along party lines, will actually raise taxes (or do little of substance, to help them) for many in the middle class, while benefiting the wealthiest Americans! This isn’t tax reform, but Welfare for the Wealthiest!3. Hold them to their promises: Wake up America, and American voters! You keep voting for candidates who, either, purposely lie to you, or make empty promises, rather than those, with viable, realistic solutions. Until/ unless voters, begin to remember what the politicians said, and did, and hold them to their promises, by holding them accountable, at the voting booth, nothing will change, for the better!

4. Demand transparency: Both of the major pieces of legislation, this year, were created, behind closed doors, with citizens, as well as members of the opposing party, kept in the dark! The recent vote, in the Senate, on tax reform, was taken, an hour after it was modified, with many issues, hand – written, into the side columns. Demand transparency, and public service, from your public servants!If you want to make any difference, in the present system, voters must stop being empathetic, and must hold politicians, responsible, for their actions. Stop allowing their tendency to blame, and complain (and, lie), rather than demanding viable solutions!